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Our mission is to lead a revolution that glorifies Jesus, radiates His life and demonstrates His LOVE to a lost, broken and hurting world. We are anointed to BRING HOPE!


This is the year of JUBILEE!


BLI is a traveling ministry that organizes and plans local and international mission trips.        

Are you interested in joining our team or having us minister to your church? 

Fill out this form HERE


Our events include but are not limited to: 

  • VBS bible camps

  • Womens' Retreats/Ministry 

  • Marriage Ministry

  • Preaching/Teaching the Word of God 

  • Community outreach events

  • Evangelism 

  • Prayer for the sick, oppressed, and lost

  • After School Programs / Mentorship 

  • Baptisms 


BLI loves to volunteer in other powerful ministries such as: Click the ministry to visit their website:

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